The idea for PushPullGive came about in 2016. The three co-founders of PushPullGive, Razif, Herzy, and Konrad, discovered during their weekly outdoor workouts that they shared a common passion for fitness and helping children and youths in need.


It was during their research on organisations to support that they came across Tiny Toones, a Cambodian non-profit organisation that provides shelter and education for Phnom Penh’s street kids.


Razif, Herzy and Konrad decided to visit Tiny Toones to learn more about the work of the organisation and understand how they could be supported.


Visiting the centre in the Cambodian capital was an eye-opening experience for the three guys. They realised how fortunate they were to have grown up in developed countries. The children at Tiny Toones rely on the enthusiasm and the good work of the non-profit organisation for their education.


Back in Singapore Razif, Herzy, and Konrad developed a plan to help Tiny Toones raise funds through various fitness activities for its centre’s capital expenditure.


The three ran fitness bootcamps, yoga and dance classes over three months in locations such as MacRitchie Reservoir and Botanic Gardens and successfully raised SGD5,000 for Tiny Toones from participants.


This pilot project woke the enthusiasm of the three guys to help children and youths in need. As a result Razif, Herzy, and Konrad has formed PushPullGive, a social enterprise through fitness and social outreach.



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Konrad Haedicke


Konrad is a German national based in Singapore. He graduated from the University of Kassel in History and Politics and also obtained his teaching credentials from the same institution. He is deeply passionate about fitness and social engagement and has worked as a teacher and youth leader before.


Before co-founding PushPullGive, Konrad worked for five years in the online travel industry. He combines his skills in digital marketing and business development to create integrations, strategies and synergies that deliver profit to the business and utility for its consumers.

Razif Yusoff


Razif is a Certified Personal Trainer who is deeply passionate about health and fitness, challenging and taking his clients to their peak performance. His eyes were opened to the needs of young adults while leading an exercise group as part of a volunteer work he did.


His other notable achievements include winning Manhunt 2014’s Mr Congeniality award and the CLEO Bachelor 2015. Razif is also a freelance actor who has been featured in various TV commercials. He is an Economics & Finance graduate from RMIT University in Australia.

Herzy Hosini


Herzy is the heart of the company who thrives when he helps others. He manages client relationships, the editorial content for PushPullGive and ensures that client needs are met.


Before joining PushPullGive, Herzy worked in customer service and sales for nine years. He received his Postgraduate Diploma in Business Management from the Association of Business Executives.



PushPullGive is part of a growing community of social enterprises. These are companies that apply business principles and practices to achieve social good. The idea is to reinvest financial returns into a social cause, to create employment and other economic and social benefits for marginalised groups.


PushPullGive’s mission is to improve the quality of life of underprivileged children and youths in Singapore and in the region through fitness activities that we conduct for individuals and organisations. Through the revenue of our business PushPullGives works on the following:


Awareness – We organise events and classes that help to raise awareness for our beneficiaries by promoting their name.


PushPullGive Fund – manages a fund that pays scholarships for marginalised young adults, enabling them to start a career in fitness in Singapore. First scholarships will be paid out  end of 2018.


This creates a meaningful social impact for our beneficiaries and increases their feeling of inclusion in society.




EYC is providing education programs and support to approximately 700 children and youth in Cambodia.


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ONE (SINGAPORE) is dedicated to raising awareness and taking concrete actions to Make Poverty History. We envision a just world where no one lives in poverty.


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Muhammadiyah Welfare Home (MWH) is a children’s’ Home that provides shelter and 24/7 residential care and protection for boys between the ages of 10 and 19 years.


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Babes’ vision is an inclusive society where every pregnant teenager needing support will not feel estranged or marginalized.


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Tiny Toones is a youth-based centre in Phnom Penh that keeps at-risk youth off the street from unhealthy and negative vices. Its mission is to provide a safe, positive environment for at-risk youth to channel their energy and creativity into the arts and education, empowering them to build self‐confidence in their daily lives.


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HCSA Dayspring is the only Therapeutic Group Home (TGH) for girls in Singapore that specializes in providing trauma-informed care treatment to aid in their recovery from severe psychological distress. SPIN is another initiative that provides improved access to resources, enabling single parents to make informed decisions and strengthen their social support network.


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